you are not special

Humans are at the zenith of the food chain and with good reason we are a sophisticated species unlike anything Earth has ever seen right?We are particular about been special, unique and different from other species that we have outlined traits that only us have. 

When someone asks you what makes you different from a chimp named Zombi from Montaro zoo, you want to have better reasons than I can stand upright, I’m not hairy and other inutile points.

Hence the birth of morality, deception, use of tool, communication, emotions, agriculture, and non-reproductive sex as the key traits that make us higher than all other animals and this has helped quelled our desire for supremacy.

Recently scientists have discovered that the traits we once thought to be ‘our thing ‘ has been seen in animals around the world, and we are here to burst your bubble, you are going to want to know about the animals who dare adopt these traits in 7 reasons why you are not special!!.



Right or wrong, good or bad that’s the basic concept of morality and this is an important part of humans training.

Everything in our society is tailored after this and we have long thought animals do not possess this, although it differs from animal to animal it does however exist. 

 According to“” One experiment involved two dogs, Scientists rewarded the first dog, Todor, with a treat when he lifted his paw on command but the second dog, Guinness, got nothing in return for performing the same task.

Seeing this unfair treatment, Guinness was by the end of the experiment refusing to lift her paw. This brings us to the next point. 



Having a sense of Morality means animals could choose to do bad or good and just like humans they often exhibit deception.

There was a research in which a female gorilla was shown the location of some berries and fruits, she excitedly leads the rest of the group there where she was bullied off it.

Next time the experiment was repeated she quietly kept to herself the information and slinking went alone to enjoy the buffet. 

This may seem like common sense but to acknowledge that an animal has common sense is taking responsibility for every ill-treatment we put them through. 

Use of tool

This is one of the most recent discovery’s while it’s important to acknowledge that no animal can measure up to our level of tool use, there a few who give us a run for our money.

From Bonobos spearfishing, Chimpanzees impaling Bushbabies with sticks, Caledonian crows carving out different sets of twigs, Orangutans using leaves to keep their selves from getting wet during rain and dolphins using sponges to protect their beak while foraging.

The examples go on, tool use requires a level of cognition we didn’t think animals had.


The purpose of communication is to pass a message or signal across and honestly we are outmatched.

We can’t use echolocation like whales either we can’t see infrared, we also don’t have electro sensors like a platypus.

The only thing we boast of is our complexity to articulate speech of which some individuals can’t even do right “no offense”

Some animals take mimicry to the next level from parrots that sound like humans and beluga whales confusing divers.

They can’t construct sentences like we do but they can imitate the sounds we make.

P. S (great apes can learn sign languages). 


Do animals feel happy, sad,angry moody?etc if you ever had a pet you would realize how true this is.

Animals do have feelings and they feel jealous, a quick story I had a cat and a dog, whenever I pet the cat more the dog would gently slide the cat out of the way and replace her.

Notable mention there has been reports of jaguars gnawing of roots of some plants to get high also dolphins passing inflated pufferfish around because of the chemicals they release which gets them high.

Do you observe when you scold your dog how it hides, does its little cute puppy eyes this are all physical changes to its emotions just the way your pitch goes higher when you are excited or how you sweat how you are nervous. 

It is important to know that the great bald apes known as humans are the only ones that can blush there you go you should feel elated, your cheeks turning red is what makes you special. 


This is as old as mankind and shouldn’t probably come as a surprise that there are animals that also practice agriculture.

Leafcutter ants are expert farmers they harvest leaves but not to eat, they store it underground at optimal temperature for the growth of a specific type of fungi which they eat.

This is identical to human farming, other animals that practice agriculture also includes the farming crab and Damselfish. 

Non-reproductive sex

Animals don’t copulate except it’s for reproduction, well most animals obey these rule (want to know about some other rule-breakers? click) except some sexual deviants like bonobos and dolphins.

Bonobos are the wild card of nature they exhibit pretty much anything you can think of, yes!! Anything from homosexual acts to, pedophilia and autofellatio. 

Dolphins are known to have sexual interests in humans, kidnapping other dolphins for sexual acts, that is just wild 

This brings us to the end of the post lets us know if you agree or disagree like or hate the post, also tell us a trait only you have. 

“I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds-Robert Oppenheimer”. Let us know how you think this quote makes us unique .Subscribe like and share.