Why you should lift weights

“Do you even lift weights bro?” chances are this is a question you have been asked a few times by gym bros especially if you are skinny, fat or chubby. Apart from sounding crass, they are not wrong.

You should lift weights regardless of your body/fitness goals e.g. to lose weight or Gain muscles, these are the two major reasons people go to the gym.

This blog post will be breaking down why you should lift weights.

Why you should lift weights

lift weights

So you managed to drag yourself to the gym but like most newbies, you stay in the cardio section Gawking and ogling the weightlifters, you wonder “why does it wreak of masculinity? Why are they so loud? And why do they lift weights?”  

Well, I will let you in on some secrets of lifting weights.

Lifting weights is a form of resistance exercise or strength training and it has the following benefits.

Lifting weight helps your fat loss goals.

Here is how it works, when you jog or do a cardio workout you use up calories and your cardiovascular health improves, for you to burn fat you need to be in a calorie deficit (i.e. use more than you are eating), cardio burns calories but only during your workout which is not enough to put you in a calorie deficit.

Lifting weights also burn calories, but the added advantage is this, the micro-traumas inflicted on your muscles need to heal up and for this to happen your body uses extra calories while at rest fixing the damaged cells. Meaning your calorie usage goes up throughout the day and even on your rest days.

In summary, you use calories while lifting weight and during your resting phase.

Lifting weight improves muscular: size, strength and endurance

For effective muscle growth, you need a high protein diet coupled with resistance training.

 If you want to get stronger you need to lift heavier or increase the difficulty of the exercise (progressive overload), with bodyweight exercises it might be tricky to increase the difficulty but with lifting weights it is as simple as adding another plate.

 Muscular endurance can be improved by lifting weight.

Read more about how heavy and light weights affect your muscular size, strength and endurance.


It Increases bone density and joints flexibility

Bone density of adult decreases with age especially in post-menopausal women, elders also suffer from arthritis while several factors may be responsible, lifting weight has been shown to improve bone density and joint flexibility reducing the occurrence of fractures.

Exercises that focus on the hip and spine should be worked on because these are the primary centres of fractures in Elders.

It Improves sleep and posture quality

After a good session of lifting weights, your body needs time to rest and heal.

In case  insomnia was a bother worry not, you will be too tired to overthink all your bad decisions.

Posture is something we have all heard about and bad posture is what we have all be warned against. When you lift weights you learn a lot about technique, which is the correct posture an exercise should be done.

Your posture improves with exercise you stop sloughing and start paying more attention to how you look.

Better overall health

  • Your mental and physical health benefits from lifting weight.
  • Confidence improves
  • Improved overall fitness
  • Increased immunity
  • Reduced risk of diabetes
  • Counters depression
  • Makes everyday task easier
  • Improves balance

Misconceptions about lifting weights

Becoming too big

I assure you this won’t happen, except you have freak genetics, and for you to get “too big”

  •  You would need to work out 2-3 hrs. a day 4-5 days a week.
  • Eat a calorie surplus high protein diet (2.2g per kg BW).

And maybe after months, you will see results.

Crossing the line from fitness to bodybuilding isn’t by accident.

The best you will get from your 1hr of weight lifting is a light pump that wanes when you step out of the gym.

If it were that easy to build muscles the world will be a better place.

The scary bodybuilders you see are likely on anabolic steroids and other drugs.

Females should not lift a weight

For females to bulk up,

  • They need at least 30-40 per cent more testosterone.
  • A calorie surplus diet high in protein.
  • 2-3 hrs of intense workout 5/7 days a week.

It is achievable for female athletes with the dedication of hades but not you, lifting your 10kg weight will,

  •  Tone your muscles making you look firm and fit
  • Increase your BMR making you burn fat faster


Lifting weight improves your general health and whatever your goal is you can always use weights it’s sort of a shortcut.

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