There are countless posts on benefits of exercise, numerous books on why you should hit the gym, but you are still sporting an impressive dad/mum bod This won’t be a cliché post on why you should exercise because obviously that didn’t work. I would be telling you why I exercise from my own point of view, in hope that it generates an action potential and makes you contract your muscles. Join me on the run!


The first reason why I started exercising was because DADA Emmanuel a 500lv student of UNIMED said I looked like a woman! No offence to feminists there is nothing wrong with looking like a woman it’s just a weird thing to say to someone who is 6ft tall.  The gym became my second home after his statement, however he constantly reminded me how pointless it was going to the gym.

P.S. genuine cool guy ,he is also the fastest man alive

I was not discouraged by his histrionics as I continued to gym hard, I was dead set on bulking up—so as not to look like a woman—in high hopes of making ‘The Rock’ (Dwayne Johnson!!) look like ‘the pebble’ next to me.

 It definitely did not go as planned. But it was worth it!


Exercising makes me calm—just like my wonderful ex-roommate and I discovered. You are extremely chilled when you start your day with squatting, and prioritizing what is worth the rest of your energy. Sleep becomes your new best friend and you are always in your Zen mode. Suddenly, nothing gets to you anymore!—except for staircases that are now your mortal enemies. For me, exercising also made my university days really, really bearable.


The third reason why I exercise it takes a lot to go get off your bed in the morning and hit the gym, if it were easy everyone would do it. Furthermore, the thought of: “I just benched 80kg today, I can totally go through this situation” goes a long way in boosting your mental health. Also, there are periods when you feel down but the voices of your Gym partners screaming, “UP!!!!!! Beast!!!! Let’s go!!!!” as you attempt to squat a new 130kg record (true story!) rattles in your head and you simply cheer yourself up. It is also important to say you might develop a bit of self-love when you walk past a mirror and think damn “Who is you man?”


Fourth reason I work out is because that’s where most of my friends and it’s a good place to meet new people. It becomes a bit like a date, they call you to come work out, they motivate you and it’s not just grunting and loud noise that are present at the gym, but occasional intellectual talk. I learnt about passing away of basketball legend KOBE BRAYNT and his 13 years old daughter. May their soul rest in peace.

Thus, the gym is a good social gathering where you meet a lot of Beasts and also some beauties.


Fifth and last reason I exercise, and I don’t think I can stop, like the best things in life it becomes addictive and I believe it is better to be hooked on metal than Percocet. I have friends that gym during their exams like that’s crazy, and don’t worry they do well. Shout out to BANKOLE JOMILOJU!

At first it starts out been stressful plus you swearing you would never go back to the gym after a certain instructor called you a weak bitch. However, you start planning your revenge, you say to yourself, “I have to get better I have to get stronger MR D can’t continue to make me cry na!” and then you slowly get better. Please don’t try and notice the changes, just be consistent, avoid drugs and before you know it you squeeze it into your routine. Moreover, find time for it and as a gym beast once said “na only my mama I like pass gym”

I recommend following this gym page


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