When you hear the word SAVINGS, what are the things that pop into your mind?

For most, this would be things like:

  • Stressful!
  • Money locked up!
  • Restriction!

If this sounds just about right, you might  have a mind shift at the end of this post.

What is saving?

Saving is known as the act of keeping money or assets locked away for some time which could be short or long term. However, knowing that you have a 100% monopoly over the money you possess doesn’t make saving or hitting saving goals any easier. No one can say exactly why that is but for the sake of this post, the blame goes on a little bit of greediness here and there.

How and Why are saving goals important?

These kind of questions should never exist in your mind. Why else would you save other than for the reasons best known to you? Some of these reasons have been into three broad groups namely:


Under these groups, we’re going to be touching deeper interests as to why you would want to set your saving goals.


While having money gives you the freedom you crave to an extent depending on how much you earn, whether it’s in pennies or millions. There would things you naturally won’t be able to afford without setting some cash aside.

This is why after taking care of the most important bills, it is just as important to allocate an amount to be saved.

The kind of freedom hitting a saving goal will allow you varies from one person to another but here are a few you could relate to:

Stress reduction:

This is one of the most important. Do you know that feeling you get when it’s almost the end of the month and your monthly cash reserves are depleted?

Having cash saved up might just be the only thing you need to shun unnecessary worries and developing premature grey hair.


If you constantly desire the beautiful things life has to offer, you might just have an easier run doing what you want while making sure you don’t go broke at the same time.

The internet has done a lot to introduce you to a lot of ways to squander your hard-earned money, so it’s up to you to rise to the occasion wisely.

“If you think spending money with no planning is fun, wait till you start hitting your saving goals and in turn have greater spending power.”

Helping others:

Enough about you, let’s talk about people that might be in need of your assistance. These people might be directly or indirectly related to you. It would feel nice and uplifting to know you could be of help.


Life is all about taking risks but you would be better off taking calculated risks.

For example:


These are bound to pop up unexpectedly from time to time and it’s always nice to know that your savings have you covered.

“unless you prefer using your running cash and having to suffer until you get balanced again”

If not, keeping some amount of money away for emergencies would do you a lot of good.

Business venture:

“Opportunity meets Preparation”

This is where this saying fits into the most. Business ventures are known to take up a lot of money at first but the turnout might just set you up for life. So your saving goal could be all about this.


Entrepreneurs have been surfacing all over in recent times and so have courses. At a point or another, you would be faced with the responsibility of undergoing further training in your specialty to boost your credentials and in turn enable scale greater height or even qualify you for a pay raise or promotion. It would be sad if not being able to afford it hindered that progress.


This would most likely be the biggest goal for some people, like reaching the ultimate milestone. This is where you get to take a breather without worrying about the possible repercussions it might cause on your wallet because you’re SECURED.

Aside from wanting to do this for yourself, you might also be interested in creating a FINANCIAL LEGACY for generations to come. Only a handful of people/families have attained this but it’s a worthy goal to achieve. That settles it on HOW and WHY saving goals are important.

Let’s proceed…

Ways to achieve your saving goals​


If you have a problem with spending more than you make, you are committing a financial sin.

“And I’d love to get you arrested for that, I doubt the police will take me seriously”.

Anyway, it’s very detrimental to your well-being. To tackle this, you can make a list of things you NEED and another that contains things you WANT. Do the math for needs, if needs are well within your budget range pick a few things from your list of wants.

If not! If needs exceed your budget?

Try to “Scale up your hustle.”



Setting a saving goal is not rocket science. If you’ve had a hard time saving earlier in life, pick small milestones to meet. Could be within a week, month, or a year according to your preferences. The goals could be small things like monthly spa sessions, gadget upgrades (phone, laptop, camera) and so on.

If you consider yourself a PRO with savings, consider setting up a longer-time investment for the potential returns.


A little has been written on NEEDs and WANTs earlier, it’s here again to reiterate that point.


Lastly, pick the right tools for you and AUTOMATE your savings.

Having gone through these steps, it would be unfair to ignore the elephant in the room.

Having the right Saving Mindset

bulls eye

This is easily ignored by a lot of people and it’s been found to be the reason most saving goals remain unattainable. To get the right saving mindset, work on having these:

  • Growth Mindset
  • System-based Mindset and
  • Abundance Mindset
Growth Mindset

The biggest barrier to growth is negativity. To grow, avoid all forms of negativity.

For example,

  • Replace Avoidance with Embrace
  • Stop the blame game and take control
  • Don’t compare. Replicate
  • Don’t say you cannot. Try, fail and get better.
System-based Mindset

This can be achieved by setting SMART goals.

S.M.A.R.T- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-based.

Abundance Mindset

Having an abundance mindset helps you stay at peace with your SMART decisions. To do this;

  • Keep a gratitude journal: Document the things that made you happy.
  • Help others: No matter how small, assist the needy.
  • Last but not the least, celebrate your small wins.

Having done all these, the only path left to thread leads to crushed goals.

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