For all I know, you are probably thinking, “I don’t own a multi-million dollar company that is constantly releasing toxic waste into the environment (sadly), so how am I hurting my beloved mother nature?”

Well, that is why we are here to make you see ways by which you have been hurting nature—deliberately or not.

Caring about your environment is not lame! And it should be part of your “resolution,” except  you are Elon musk and can move to Mars.

If not so, you are indefinitely stuck here, start acting like it.



 Plastics lead the list of the most common source of littering.

If you have ever—which I’m sure most of us have—drank a bottle of Coca-Cola and threw the plastic into the nearest ditch/bush/gutter instead of a waste bin, then you are surely guilty of hurting mother nature.

Why? You ask, this is because it takes about 1000 years for plastic to decompose.


Obviously, every human wants to leave a lasting legacy when they are gone but leaving behind a 1000 years old plastic waste is not the way to go about it! 

I have a firsthand experience about this and here goes my short story: I used to have a dog. Bingo (Yes! Bingo) was its name and it met its death when a Fanta bottle cap got stuck in its larynx.

Bingo might still be alive if that Fanta bottle was disposed properly.

 Fair to say no one is going to clean up after us, therefore, please behave like animals and clean up after yourself.

Littering affects wild life.

Strictly speaking, plastic or any kind of material that does not decompose does not belong in nature. 

 However, since these are still very much in usage in our present world, it will be to our advantage to dispose them in the appropriate ways.



Where do I start? It is pointless to talk about the health detriments as all of us knows the harmful impact on the human body (and if you don’t, see a doctor or read the words on a packet of cigarette).

How does smoking harm your environment? 

According to smoking globally emits nearly 2.6 billion kilograms of carbon dioxide and 5.2 billion kilograms of methane into the atmosphere each year.

In case you are wondering what this means, these are greenhouse gasses—you know from biology—and they are responsible for global warming.

Cigarette butts contain a lot of harmful chemicals which should NOT be in nature.

It has also been found out to be one of the reasons for wildfires—Amazon and Austria wildfires are testifiers of this.

Trophy Hunting

Animals are natural resources and while it’s understandable to kill for food as a means for survival, what is bonkers is killing these animals for sports.

If you really want to prove that you are an apex predator then get into the forest and wrestle a bear like Leonardo DiCaprio, old school mano a mano no big rifle to save you.

But seriously, most times, humans kill the best animals the gene pool has to offer leaving a decline in animal population.

Unsurprisingly, every animal has its own biological importance, yes, and even those pesky mosquitoes.

I admit I am guilty of hating goats, something about them just makes me angry but starting now I chose not to give into my primal natures.

Please let the animals be in their natural habitat, except for a rat that ate your favorite jacket then you have my blessing 

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