popular misconception about exercise

Do you look down at your abs and you wonder, “When will this end?” then pay attention and if you look down at your chiseled abs and smile, well, pay attention to  three popular misconceptions about exercise.

Exercise is something overlooked in this era. Remember! Your ancestors once chased bison on foot and fended of prehistoric wolves so you have no excuse to be lazy. 

Are on this fitness path?, odds are you probably got tired at one point or frustrated and you either continued or hit rock bottom.

If you plan on starting Afresh this new year (cause obviously new year resolution) and all that rucks that comes with it, then pay attention to the  misconceptions people have about exercise.

First misconception

We hear often  “I just want to lose my arm fat or I just want to loose weight in my love handles,” while this seems meaningful, the truth still remains that you can only train the underlying group of muscles of a particular body part. But, you CANNOT lose fat in just a particular part of your body.

In order for you to lose fat deposition around your body you will have to be in calorie deficit i.e. you have to lose more than you gain.

Truth to say, doing your 7 sit-ups after taking a bowl of ice cream is  pointless, what you are doing is strengthening the muscles.

This is the same reason why you can’t see an obese person with abs.

Bear this in mind the next time you go to a gym and do only curls just to get rid of arm fat.


Second misconception

 “I don’t want to get muscular.” But really you are not going to turn into prime Arnold Schwarzenegger with a few reps of push ups or squats.

Your muscles will tighten and strengthen.

Moreover, spending 24/7 in the gym does not guarantee gaining muscles, your diet constitutes a major part of  “muscle gain plan.”

What we are preaching is that, you should focus on getting  fit and not about getting muscular. this can only happen if you are on a rigid work out program. Surprisingly.


Last misconception

 “it is  taking too long”, it took you some hmm let’s say 20 years to get that shape you are trying desperately to lose why do you think 2 weeks of mild exercise would get rid of it?

No offense, you have to give yourself time. It is common knowledge that some humans are fast metabolizers, However, not everyone is like this and there are a lot of factors that influences this eg,

  • time of food consumption
  • rate of food consumption
  • stress and exercise frequency 

 So think about this the next time you get frustrated and want to give in to the dark side.