You have been cat-fished there isn’t a perfect home workout. Perfect doesn’t exist: it is relative. However what we can give you is a template you can use, modify, and a way to spice up your banal home workout routines.

Now going to the gym isn’t for everyone, there might be no nearby gym, you might be shy, or hate going out for a jog because of the crone outside your home constantly burrowing into you with her fixed judgmental gaze.Well here is how to make your home workout work.

Home workout can be a bore, like how do you expect me to exercise without a man screaming “let’s go boy, no finance no romance” at me which is weirdly effective. You can recreate the feel of a gym through..


The difference between a good workout and a great workout is the music. Music distracts you from the pain and gives an additional jolt of adrenaline to keep going, you can’t be listening to Eminem’s “Godzilla” and not feel like a god, take your time, be your Dj:create a fire playlist.


woman in resistance band(home workout)

Your home is filled with make-do pieces of equipment like chairs, stools, kegs, empty gas tanks, and tires et cetera.

There is some small cheap equipment you can get into your home, we will be keeping them very basic: resistance, skipping rope, yoga mats.

A resistance band can be used for squats, lateral raises of the leg, donkey kicks et cetera. This gives you a feeling of strength training.

Skipping ropes will give you the feeling and benefit of going for a jog, you could use this as a means of getting that cardio gains.

A good routine would be to have different days for strength training and cardio.

Body weights

The best weight to work with is your bodyweight, you’re an equipment and there are several exercises for you here is an app to help you out. home workout-no equipment

You could use your tables for declined and inclined pushups, use a pair of your stools for dips, your gate for pull ups et cetera. Get creative!

Pro tip: record yourself while working out act like it would be featured on amazon titled-birth of a beast, this should help you work harder.

Disclaimer: this is a theoretical table and should be modified to suit the taste and strength of the individual

Strength training



5sets of squats*30 reps

Pushups and/or chin ups 5sets*20 reps,

Sit ups 3 sets * 15 reps




15 mins skipping

Burpees 5 sets 15*reps 


Dips 5sets *10reps

Diamond pushups 5sets *10reps

Planks 5 sets 1 min per set




20-30minis of skipping

5 sets of mountain climbing 1 min per sets


Lunges 5 sets 20 reps

Inclined and declined pushups 3 sets each 10 reps

ab crunches 4 sets 15 reps

Light skipping and stretching




Do you have a perfect homework? let us know.