Best time to workout

 We hardly have enough time for exercise and while some can spare a few hours in the Morning, others can only workout towards the end of their day so “When is the best time to workout?” we are plagued with this question.

 In this post, we shall be looking at benefits of 

  • Morning workout sessions.
  • Evening workout sessions.

Benefits of Morning Workouts Sessions

Between the hours of 6-11am these are some of the exclusive benefits you will experience

Maximizing rising levels of hormones

  • Cortisol is also known as “stress hormone”

It is responsible for our alertness: it gives us that “ready to go” feeling.

The level of cortisol peaks around 8-9 am, by working out early you make the best use of this hormone.

Exercise depletes the level of cortisol making you calmer and more relaxed during the day.

  • Testosterone also peaks between 7-10 am.

It helps to stimulate protein-synthesis after a good workout session (due to the micro-traumas caused by strength training). Making you build muscles faster. Also increases the level of growth hormone produced by the body during exercise.

Improved mood

Exercise causes the release of,

  • serotonin
  • dopamine
  • Endorphins

these are Known as “happy hormones” they are the same hormones that are released when you take hard drugs or indulge in an addiction.

When you start your day with exercise you tap into these happy hormones making your paradigm positive.

Symptoms may include laughing,

  • smiling
  • feeling more energetic
  • helping people out

Don’t overwork yourself if you have a busy day or you would feel the opposite i.e.

  • sore
  • angry
  • tired
  • hungry

Helps your diet

You are more likely to stick to your diet plan if you exercise early.

Ghrelin is known as “hunger hormone“ This is what tells your brain when to eat.

  • According to a study, 60 mins of morning exercise reduced the levels of ghrelin and peptide YY.
  • This makes you less triggered by junk food.

Feeling less hungry you find it easier to eat less and eat right throughout the day.

Helps you lose more weight

Working out before your breakfast known as “fasted cardio” a study shows that individuals who participated in fasted cardio lost 20% more weight than those who didn’t, this is the best time to workout if you want to lose weight.

 here is how it works.

  • By using the reserved glycogen storage, you force your body to start fat oxidation i.e. using fat as a source of energy.

While this is a slow process in the first 25 mins you will have depleted your glycogen stores and you start using your ample supply of fat as fuel.

  • Your basal metabolic rate is also higher due to the increased levels of happy hormones (making you are less likely to sit idle at work after a morning workout session).
  • It also increases your insulin sensitivity.

Beware the behavioural changes, e.g. because you jogged for 30 mins in the morning you might be less likely to use the stairs  (energy compensation).

Benefits of Evening Workout

Between the hours of 4-10 pm, these are some of the exclusive benefits you will experience.

Maximal strength

  • Your core temperature increases through the day and peaks around 4 pm, this means that our muscles are warmed up and our joints are at maximal flexibility.
  • You  don’t have to worry about saving your strength you can work out 20% harder and longer in the evening.
  • The gym will be less crowded and you can shout lightweight baby while you squat your PR.

Be sure to rest and eat at least 1hr before your evening workout for optimal energy.

Better Sleep

Since you worked out with your maximal strength,

  • sleep will be worth it.
  • Built-up stress level will be cleared.
  • Feeling too tired to worry about your anxiety.
  • You will end your day happy.

The secret to enjoying blissful sleep is to go all out and work as hard as you can till you are fatigued

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