staying fit

P.o.v you have started your fitness journey now comes the challenge of staying fit. Why is it that most New Year fitness resolutions don’t last beyond the first week?

 Staying fit is more challenging than starting a fitness routine. Because before you started you were like a kid waiting for Santa (passionate and enthusiastic)Until the harsh reality of growing up hits you, and you realize Santa is a molester that breaks into people homes and forces children to sit on his lap.

After starting your fitness journey your perspective changes, you ask yourself..

  • Why does it hurt so much?
  • Will I always be sore?
  • When will I look like Arnold?

All these thoughts flood your mind till you miss a workout and then you miss two, three, till you succumb to the life of a couch potato.

In this post, we will be telling you facts about staying fit.

Facts about staying fit

Staying fit requires a lifestyle change. If you think you can diet and exercise, lose a few pounds then retire to enjoy the fruit of your hard work sorry but it will turn sour. When you stop exercising,

  • Within a week you can’t hit your PB again.
  • In a month your cardio becomes complete trash.
  • Over a year you look like you never worked out a day in your life.

Staying fit require changes in the following

Workout routine

You need to understand that staying fit  is a lifetime journey and no one starts a journey firing on all cylinders like the roadrunner.

Go slow and steady, slowly but surely.

  • Start small: try and get at least 30 mins of moderate exercise each day for 3-5days a week (depending on your fitness level).
  • Don’t focus on the scale: you are changing(muscle-fat ratio) instead use a tape rule and pictures to gauge your progress.
  • Progressive overload: watch yourself grow, set new goals set each week.
  • Mix up your exercise: don’t stick to a routine of banal exercises, keep trying new workout ,do all types of workout.
  • It is important to have a good foundation in the components of fitness: muscular strength, flexibility, cardio and endurance.
  • Do exercises you enjoy.
  • Listen to your trainer.
  • Stay active throughout the day.

Eating habits

Don’t diet.

The thing with dieting is that you can’t stick with them forever. 

Imagine only eating fruits for the rest of your life.

Dieting is only effective in the short run, because, after you stop dieting you binge all the food items you were avoiding ultimately killing your goals.

  • Replace don’t remove: replace not so healthy food with healthy food, e.g. if you are craving something creamy try low-fat yoghurt instead of ice cream.
  • Indulge your craving: eat what you crave once in a while, no one has a perfect diet.
  • Eat when you are hungry: there is no need in starving yourself because you want a thinner waist.
  • Eat more and eat right: yes eat more, a jelly doughnut contains about 200 calories an apple contains 53 calories instead of eating one doughnut, eat 4 apples.
  • Practice mindful eating: don’t rush your meals, enjoy your food.
  • Make sure you eat a complete and balanced diet

Get rid of motivation

This isn’t a typo, motivation will help if you want to get up early and run a 4k marathon on your bucket list.

 It won’t do you much help if you have to get up every day exercise and eat right for the rest of your life.

In staying fit, motivation is a fuel that runs out fast.

  • Set realistic goals for yourself.

  • Be critical of your growth.
  • Notice where you are lacking and how to improve.
  • Observe and watch people who are better than you.
  • A lazy day is better than no workout.

Other Lifestyle changes needed for staying fit

Reduce your alcohol intake, smoking and other vices. 

  • Pay attention to your body cues and signals.
  • Monitor your sleeping habit.
  • Check your stress levels always know when to rest.
  • Pay little attention to the media and their unreal fitness standard.
  • One bad diet will not make you fat, get right back on track.
  • A missed workout will just make you heal better so get back to the gym.
  • Get rid of ego, don’t listen to mindless criticism e.g. “you should stop working out it is not working out”.
  • Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself by posting your progress on social media.

Always be ready to learn

Staying fit is not a straight line there will be ups and downs .but what is important is that you continue from where you stopped.


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