rule breakers

Growing up, I was as curious as they come mostly about mother nature and her creatures.

 I once planted a fish in hopes that it would germinate and give me new fishes cause I wondered why it works for plant and not animal.

Sure we all did something equally that dumb growing up hmm maybe not that stupid.

In life there is no absolute ,i.e. for every norm we have something deviating from it ,a certain “rule breaker” if I might called them.

This post is looking at these rule breakers we come across in nature (flying edition).

Flight is a feature birds , Insects and superman posses right? and this trait should not include other critters well wrong.

A certain quote says “normal is an illusion what is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly” . 

Rule breakers


Snakes are creepy, crawling and slithering creatures that we all run away from.

Which is  relatively easy since they stay on the ground.

Well if you have a case of philophobia you might want to scream mummy.

A certain species of snakes wont limit its self to just your backyard

It has decided to take to your skies by flying,

Technically gliding but you get the point. They are called (Chrysopelea).


More commonly known as the flying snake or gliding snake.

Flying snakes have evolved over the course of time to be able to take to the skies and how do they do this? .

The snake is able spread its self or flatten its self so it’s able to glide in the air.

All it has to do is get on a tree find a suitable branch high off the ground and when it feels the need to, it then launches its self and it is able to glide several meters in the sky.


 A Fish is supposed to live in water it has no business up. but this group of marine fish begs to differ.

They actually have wings, well fins that have been modified to look like wings.

You probably guessed the name right it called flying fish or flying cod its scientific name is called The Excoetidae,

This group of fish can take to the skies and glide across the ocean for several minutes in their attempt to elude predators.

It doesn’t always goes according to plan because Seagulls and other sea birds are in the waiting.

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