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Rule Breaker (final edition)Welcome to our completed edition of rule-breakers.

Firstly we at Insideye would like to appreciate the positive reviews we received.

We have listened to the previous suggestions and contributions and have made the necessary adjustment without further mindless talk (drum roll!!) we give you rule- breakers final edition. 

In the first post, we talked about flying snakes and flying fishes here is a continuation of the previous post bear in mind we are still on flying edition.

Flying mammals

We have looked at reptiles and fishes now let’s move on to Class Mammalia.

It would be pointless if we just picked bats because we have learnt pretty much all our lives about these flying rodents all our life as the only mammals capable of powered flight.

What you might not be familiar with are 

  • flying lemurs, squirrels and  marsupials.

We have decided to discuss their mechanism of flight, fortunately, they all have in common and we shall  be talking about just one rule breaker.

Which is an example of convergent evolution. 

The creature we are talking about is a tree loving mammal ,so sweet ,cute and cuddly it’s called a sugar glider.

This fuzz balls are native to Australia and their diet consists of sugary food (hence their name) like tree sap and nectar.

know that almost all the features you will see in an animal and yes, including you, are adaptive or survival features.

Meaning you don’t have wings because your ancestors never had the need to take to the skies. 

With that said, gliding is a form of unpowered flight meaning the animal doesn’t do much to fly.

it simply uses the wind.

Sugar gliders are equipped with a patagium it is similar to an air glider’s wings.

They don’t have actual wings what they do have is an extension of their skin.

Flying spiders

ballooning spider

Another rule breaker on this list is a major no no if you are suffering from arachnophobia.

Ever heard of hot air balloons? 

Well there are some group of spiders take to the air by ballooning.

They  do this is by releasing one or more threads to catch the wind making them air-bone so the thread serves as their Mjolnir.

Their journey ranges from few meters off the land to been reported on ships in the middle of the sea.

Now that’s scary but thank God ballooning is done by spiderlings as a means of dispersal.

Leaving their spider-selves at the mercy of the air is not so smart and this why the mortality rate of ballooning is high compared to other forms of flying.

Jesus lizard

rule breaker Jesus lizard

Well it would be a shame to ignore this rule breaker.

This rule breaker deserves an honorary mention.

It is no other than the Jesus lizard .

I know you are wondering what rule it breaks.

It doesn’t rise from the dead if that’s what you are thinking instead it walks on water, well runs actually commonly known as Basilisks.

When it feels threaten or wants to get a butterfly resting on a water lily it makes a dash to the nearest lake or river.

With its initial momentum dashes off and begins to run on water and it can reach a distance of 10-20m.

That is equivalent to an adult male running 58 meters on water by body -size ratio now that’s impressive and that brings an end to rule breakers for real this time.

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