predator bane

Predators are animals that prey(feed on) on other animals for survival.

They are equipped with a set of specific skills for locating and bringing down their prey, e.g. rabbits have super hearing, therefore, owls evolved to fly in total silence.

Taking down weak prey is easy and most prey species just flee.

For this blog post, we are excluding cases of cannibalism e.g. lions killing lions, territorial killings between different predatorial species e.g. a leopard killing a cheetah.

In this post, we will be revealing predators that hunt/prey upon other predators regularly (constituting a significant percentage of their diet) almost like they were built to hunt these hunters, and how they tackle such dangerous game.

Caiman and Jaguar

Do you have a slightly nerdy distant cousin that humiliates you? 

This is what the Caiman is to the Nile or Saltwater Crocodile.

Deep in the Amazon, a jaguar stalks a caiman warming up on a riverbank.

 It gets close enough and springs into action, the caiman dashes towards the river but its fate is sealed the jaguar drags it out of the river and with a single bite to the skull kills the caiman.

 Jaguar has the strongest bite force of any big cat, its name translates to “he who kills with one leap”. 

They are powerful swimmers and frequently hunt their prey in water.

Killer Whales and Shark

Whales are gentle giants that mostly feed on plankton.

killer whales are bloodthirsty psychopaths, the only thing greater than their blood lust is their I.Q.

Orcas or killer whales are not whales, they belong to the dolphin family and hunt in a pack they in fact are whale killers.

 Sharks have been mythicized by humans since the release of the blockbuster movie “Jaws”.

We thought them as kings of the ocean … we were so wrong, killer whales are the undisputed kings, to be able to prey upon a predator as deadly as the great white shark you need skill as well as brawn.

 Orcas flip sharks upside down because they saw that sharks became immobile and defenseless while in this state (tonic immobility).

They then pick out their favorite parts of the shark and let the rest waste.

Frog and Epomis beetle

Frogs are the bane of most insects except this beetle.

This  predator is built for hunting frogs both at its larva and adult stage. 

A rare reversal of the predator-prey relationship this beetle is an obligate predator of amphibians I.e. it only hunts amphibians.

When it spots a frog it attaches itself to the frog and starts chewing away the frog’s legs making it immobile. 

It is immune to the frog’s sticky tongue, the frog is eaten alive slowly and painfully.

Tarantula and tarantula hawk

The tarantula is the biggest spider alive.

It hunts insects, small mammals, and reptiles, and sometimes birds. but the wasp (tarantula hawk) didn’t get this memo.

The wasp searches out these giant spiders in their burrows and hunts them by stinging their soft underbellies paralyzing the spider.

The wasps don’t eat the spiders instead they use them as incubators.

 By laying eggs in the paralyzed spiders, the larva of the wasp hatch inside the spider and eat their way around the spider’s vital parts keeping it alive for as long as they possibly can before the spider eventually dies.

Honey badger and snakes

Honey badgers are the gangsters of the animal kingdoms they don’t care how big or scary you are.

They won’t back down.

 They are ferocious predators that hunt any snake unfortunate enough to cross their paths nothing is spared.

Honey badgers have a high tolerance for venom(from been stung and bitten so many times they have built a natural immunity).

Making snakes defenseless against them, honey badgers eat the venom-filled head of snakes first.

It also has a tough skin that is not easily penetrable.

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