For our gen z uncles, “natty or not” is  code word for knowing athletes, bodybuilders and your average gym bros on performance-enhancing drugs.

Natty means being natural and clean.

Thank a barrage of fitness influencers out there for our morphed perception of real or fake.

Just like tits: if it’s too good to be true it’s probably fake.

In this post, we will be explaining,

  • What are performance-enhancing drugs?
  • Why steroids?
  • How to tell if one is “natty or not”

What are performance-enhancing drugs?

These are banned substances taken to improve your athletic performance e.g. Steroids, human growth hormone and epoetin. And the most abused in bodybuilding are steroids.

The type of steroid used is the Anabolic Androgenic steroid(AAS).

They are synthetic drugs aimed at mimicking the effects of testosterone i.e.

  • To increase muscle mass
  • Boost exercise performance  
  • Reduce muscle damage during exercise
  • improve recovery time

 These are a bodybuilder’s dream and steroid does this and more (negative effect).

 Most are via injections and are taken in cycles for maximum efficiency.

Examples of Anabolic Androgenic Steriods

Now steroids can be prescribed by a doctor to treat several conditions, but when a healthy adult uses it, it can only mean one thing #juicing.

Why steroid?

Well, the Same reason we invented cars, planes and guns i.e. to get things done quicker, better and with less energy.

I am sure you had a notion before going to the gym  “ I’ll get so jacked man all of you will know pain” and 5 months in you have only lost 2 kg and barely gained any muscles.

Then you start thinking of alternatives and quick fixes till you end up in a dark alley pulling down your shorts receiving your first shot.  

There are limitations to muscle growth and performance, even with a perfect diet and constant exercise you won’t get as “big” as you feared.

The only people that experience a growth surge are newbies, after a while you plateau.

Now growing becomes a deliberate action with sweat and tears except you use steroids.

  • Overall, bodybuilders use steroids to achieve naturally impossible feats of strength and aesthetics, get sponsored on the gram and fool countless sheep,

In most competitions, performance-enhancing drugs are banned but still, athletes find loopholes in the system and cheat.

You should just ask them, in the eventuality of you getting punched in the face, that’s a classic sign of riod rage (a behavioral disorder associated with steroid use).

Some physical tell signs of steroid use are,

Rapid growth

Now, except for a newbie, when a gym bro that has struggled with a 90kg bench press for months suddenly adds  20-30 kg to their max they are likely juicing, because progressive overload is a slow and gradual process and jumping multiple plates isn’t natural.

Big, strong and lean

Have you ever seen a 130kg gym bro that was muscular and had veins on his abs? except you are a genetic freak or on steroids, you can’t weigh that much and be ripped. further more, If a gym bro weighed 60kg in his 20s and now weighs 120kg in his 30s this should raise suspicions.

Life doesn’t give a fat bum without a big stomach, it definitely will not give you all three i.e big muscles, a lean physique and impressive strength.

  • If you are big and strong, you won’t be lean
  • If you are strong and lean, you won’t be big

 When you see your favorite bodybuilders with big muscles, veins popping on their abs and a bench press of 300kg you know what’s up.

A good indicator is the fat-free mass index (FFMI) if your FFMI is higher than 25 then you are either a  freak or on steroids.

3d aesthetics

There are a lot of androgen receptors located in your upper body (traps and delts) a good sign of steriod use is an overdeveloped upper body i.e. bulging traps, delts and lats giving that signature superman shape.

Also, we all have muscles we have to pay extra attention to, I call them “problem children”, and no matter what you do they seem to lag behind the rest. For some it’s their calves, for me? my arms, so seeing someone with perfectly symmetrical, well developed, 3d bulging, mouthwatering muscles should raise some eyebrows.

What is worse is when they keep this incredible physique all through the year which means they stayed on a diet throughout the year or they on the juice.

Side effects of steroid use

Steroid abuse changes some of your physical features .e.g going bald. when a healthy gym bro starts showing these side effects

  • Skin problems e.g Severe acne
  • Gynecomastia
  • Shrunken testis
  • Bubble gut

Steroid abusers also experience withdrawal symptoms.


Tell me if you think he is “natty or not “.

 Pro tip :he weighs 120kg+

natty or not
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Bodybuilders use steroids for whatever they want, “it is their body and therefore their choice”. But it is important to know some feats of strengths and unholy physique cannot be reached by being natural, so stop wasting your time and money buying classes and tips on how to achieve an impossible figure.

P.s the bodybuilder above is one of the few to publicly make known his status #daddynoel

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