dream pets

Pets are animals we keep around us for the sole reason of companionship.

If you eat it that is not a pet, from our ancestors taming sabre tooth to modern humans training Chihuahuas the spectrum of what we call pet is getting wider and now anything is possible .

Here are my top 5 dream pets.


My Top 5 dream pets
Black and white Tegu lizard (Salvator merianae) at Iguazu Falls, the waterfalls of the Iguazu River on the Brazil Argentina border. Kike Calvo/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

This is the closest I will get to Chris Pratt’s dinosaur training antics. 

Tegu consists of a wide range of species e.g. Argentine black and white tegu, red tegu et cetera.

They are warm-blooded reptiles, smart, and make great pets (relatively)

 It looks like a monitor lizards, but are not related this is an example of convergent evolution.

Tegus are legal to own as pets, can be taught tricks, house trained, and generally docile.

Its diet consists of small mammals, insects, and occasionally berries.

 You can get them for about $200.

There’s nothing like whistling and seeing a 4.5ft lizard running at you.

Dracula Parrot

Dracula parrot
By Greg Hume – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Warning! not for the faint  hearted, these awesome birds can be found only in New Guinea.

They get their name for obvious reasons.

Its diet consists of fruits so you are safe. 

They can grow to the size of a small child.

 Here comes the cool part instead of the usual mimicry sounds other parrots make theirs is a screech said to terrify even the devil.

Imagine waking up at 1 am to a red child-sized bird and with a sound worse than its look now that is wholesome.

They are proof that just because something is big, loud, and scary doesn’t mean it will hurt you. 

Dracula parrots are endangered but in case you know a guy…

Sugar Gliders

sugar glider
sugar glider from Alburycity

Sugar gliders are flying mammals (marsupial).

Picture playing fetch but instead of a ball you’re throwing your pet in the air and it comes back like a boomerang.

They are about the size of a squirrel, possess patagium which helps them glide, have a name worthy of their looks.

Sugar gliders are nocturnal animals.

 Their diet consist of fruits and nuts. 

 They cost about $200-$500.


Goliath Birdeater

Not just any tarantula but the Goliath bird eater. 

It is the largest spider on earth, can grow to the size of a dinner plate.

They are hairy and venomous.

It feeds on anything it is are bigger than. 

These spiders are docile, easy to handle, and are quite popular pets.

Just avoid putting your hands down dark crevices because that is their favorite hideout. It cost about 25$.

killer whale

Credit: Gerard Lacz © age fotostock

Killer whales are a specie of dolphins, not whales. 

Also called orcas, they get their name because they love hunting whales spectacularly; takes turn wearing down the whale.

Similar to the strategy wolves use to hunt.

Orcas are witty animals, they have been known to hunt great white sharks by flipping the sharks over and this causes tonic immobility.

Making the shark easy pickings.

They should not be kept in smalls ponds.

Except you own an ocean where you could swim with this beautiful beast they are indeed my ultimate dream pet.

This brings to the end of My Top 5 dream pets.

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