Body type

Body type is also known as somatotype was coined in the 1940s by American psychologist William Herbert Sheldon.

 Just like most features in humans, some variations occur naturally e.g. height: tall and short, hair: curly and smooth, the same applies to our body type.

 Knowing your body type would help you in…

  • knowing the right diet, exercise, and supplements to implement in your program. 
  • Maximizing your strengths and exposing your Weakness. 
  • knowing the right clothing that will suit your body. (how to dress for your body type)

We will be focusing on the first and second points.

Body types

body type

There are 3 main body types namely 






Ever envy those friends of yours that can eat anything without getting fat.

They are fast metabolizers and slow gainers

They have a smallish lean body frame characterized by low body fat.

Ectomorphs find it difficult in gaining weight, picture the perfect marathon athlete that is your typical Ectomorph, light-weighted, small frame, built for Aesthetic sports i.e. requiring a small body frame.


 These are humans who have it good in terms of their genetic make-up.

They are naturally athletic with a good body muscle to fat ratio.

Mesomorphs have broad shoulders and a hardened body, they can put on muscle faster than ectomorphs and have a medium-size body frame with low body fat, and they are built for sports and bodybuilding.


Endomorphs are heavyweights with a high composition of muscle and fat, they are slow metabolizers with large visceral (internal organs).

They are mostly round in shape with pockets of fats, they excel in strength training but struggle with cardio and bodyweight exercise.

Endomorphs put on muscle and fat easily they are built for powerlifting and other strength exercises.



It is important to know that this is a spectrum i.e. you can be a combination of body types but you will favor one.

Most people are in between body types due to various factors, for example,

  • An Endomorph working on becoming a Mesomorph would have features from both body types.
  • A Mesomorph who gives up on living healthy and develops many vices and poison will shift towards the Endomorph spectrum.

In summary, while we naturally belong to a body type it is not a life sentence we can adjust and work on our body to achieve any goal.

P.S work for the body you want not the one you have  

How to know your body type

The first step is through your Bmi, Ectomorphs are usually underweight, mesomorphs are in the middle and most endomorphs are usually overweight. check out debunking BMI

The second step is through your physical appearance 

Here is a test,

Try and grab a huge chunk of your gut, if you got a handful congratulations Po you’re likely an endomorph or (rarely) an ectomorph with a beer gut.

If you barely got any fat there’s a good chance you’re a mesomorph while if you could not get any fat you’re probably an ectomorph.

The third step is through the various characteristics of each body type.

 E.g Endomorphs store a lot of weight around their core. And Ectomorphs are narrowly chested