Like most cult the gym has it slangs, cues and lingo for its members and imposters will be ejected. We are breaking the unwritten rule and risking our lives in telling you the basis of it’s lingo. Pay attention if you are to survive in this oasis of pain.


Gym bro- This is a non-gender, age, or race-specific term i.e. a 40 year old transgendered Asian in the gym is your gym bro.

Bro science-“Eggshells bro, massive gains I tried it and gained 5kg lean mass, on God bro.” This is an example of Bro science: unproven tips and words of wisdom flying from the mouth of your random gym bro. 

P.S. confirm your bro fact before sharing.

Spotting- This is a manly plea for assistance. You use this war cry before attempting your P.B. you are simply saying lend me your strength.


During benching, depending on the fatigue level of your gym bro, you should use two fingers from each arm while screaming “all you bro”, don’t be a gain killer and exert too much strength.

During squatting stand behind your bro and gently lift his core.

P.B– “personal best” this is your highest degree of honor you should not lie about this is punishable by seppuku.

Sets and reps

Set: Grouping of the number of reps you have performed of an exercise.


Rep: This is the number of the full range of movements you can perform of an exercise.

  • Usage: I have 3 sets of 15 reps left bro.

Type of sets includes superset, drop sets, etc.

Till failure – This means the highest number of reps you can perform till your muscles fatigue.


Technique – The correct form/way an exercise should be performed, it is important to get the technique right, so the gains go to the right muscle.

Rack/Unrack- Racking means putting the plates where they belong, and unracking is the removal of the plates from their original position.

Always rack your weights.

Supplements– Natural dietary substances taken orally in a concentrated form to boost your performance (either strength or muscle gain)

 P.S. They are not steroids or other exogenous drugs.


Mind-muscle connection- “When the body gets tired the mind goes with it” in the words of Jim berglin.

The mind-muscle connection means when there is a lapse in the connection then failure ensues, For example, while benching if someone makes you laugh, chances are you are going to fail that rep.

Shocking the muscle– You need a defibrillator for this.. just kidding. In the words of Arnold the great, “shocking the muscle means going against your usual programs” testing the deep unchartered waters (exercises you are not used to).

Cheat reps– Reps that you cannot carry out without breaking form probably due to exhaustion, weakness, or lack of mind-muscle connection but with sheer willpower, you sacrifice form for completion.

  • Usage – “Arnold would be ashamed bro.”(When you see your gym bro doing cheat reps).

Maxing out- Going for the highest possible number of plates your human strength can lift, or all the plates present at the gym.

  • Usage – “Are you maxing out today bro?”

Gains– Physical improvement in your body in terms of pure muscle mass or strength.

  •  Usage-“Look at his gains.”

Swole– the fullness of the muscles usually after a good workout. i.e. extremely muscular or buff.

  • Usage-“I am freaking swole” 

Definition– Definition means the visible impression of muscles on the surface of the skin.

  • Usage- “he is so defined”.

Ripped –  A swole person with definition.

  • Usage –“Jack the ripper, I fear I might bleed if I touch you”.

Cutting– The deliberate reduction of your body-fat percentage to make your body more defined.

  •  Usage- “why you doing cardio bro” …. “I am trying to cut bro”.

Bulking- Adding of muscle mass, (usually) but dirty bulking means putting on muscle and also fat.

  • Usage-“You freaking bear, you’ve been bulking innit?”

Lightweight-This most definitely is not lightweight when you hear a gym bro screaming lightweight, I repeat do not be deceived this is a mental and almost supernatural manipulation of the weight i.e. you say what you want to feel.

  • Usage: before you attempt your P.B or a weight that makes you nervous.


What day is it?-Trick question, they don’t mean Monday Tuesday, etc. this is  code word for what we training today. e.g

  •  Leg day,
  • Chest day
  •  Dumbbells Monday
  • Dreaded cardio day

These are the things you need to know (for now), now go infiltrate your gym, climb up the ranks, and make Arnold proud.

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