Fitness is a state of (maximal) optimization of your body which includes your cardio, muscular fitness, muscular endurance, and flexibility, bodybuilding is sculpting your body to get your desired result .so when next you see a slim girl at the gym don’t go sounding like a crass and say “why are you working out, you are already slim.”

Your body shape doesn’t always agree with your fitness level.

In this post, we will be explaining the key differences between bodybuilding and fitness under the following.
Keep in mind that they are not mutually exclusive i.e. they share similar features.

  • Definition
  • Purpose
  • Components
  • Goals
  • Eligibility
  • Time range
  • Benefits


fitness vs bodybuilding
body building
Body building


It means being physically fit, like king Julien said “are you physically fit?” can you run to save your life? Scratch that can you walk at a fast pace and still maintain your conversations and train of thoughts?

Fitness means a lot for different people, some might be above average in one area and severely lacking in the others.


Bodybuilding is the conscious effort put into the growth of each muscle to achieve a Greek god/goddess-like physique.

It is about the pain i.e. by causing micro-trauma in the muscle fibers you stimulate hypertrophy.

When you hear bodybuilding you instantly think “Ewww big oiled up scary men and women with body dysmorphia” while this is a part of bodybuilding, it is not all that it entails. 

Wanting to work on your glutes is bodybuilding.



The purpose of fitness is for a better state of well-being and health.

fitness is important for every human you need some degree to enjoy your life, either it is to lose a few pounds or get your vitals in order, it is important to do some kind of exercise check the fitness recommendation for adults.


You know when you walk past a mirror and you think “I would look fire if I added muscle mass or cut down a few pounds” that is literally the origin story of most bodybuilders.

First, it starts as a drive for fitness then you go beyond fitness and start focusing on getting your desired body.

Don’t get me wrong during fitness your body goes through changes e.g. losing weight, better cardio, more muscular strength, and if you are okay with this great. But the point where you get hungrier and want something more that is when you cross over to the other side (bodybuilding).



  • Cardio
  • Muscular strength
  • Muscular endurance
  • Flexibility

For you to claim fitness you must be above average in it’s components, these are the key components of fitness and a healthy person should try and work on them. 

Your diet is also crucial.


Bodybuilding also shares the same components with emphasis on 

  • Proper diet
  • Nutrition
  •  Resistance training.



All humans should try to be fit.

The degree of fitness depends on the age, sex, and health of the person.

Fitness isn’t a luxury, it is to improve your quality of health. 

If you don’t want to improve your fitness at least maintain it.


Elite humans with enough willpower to rival the green lantern.

 After achieving fitness you can decide to work on a better physique not necessarily bulking up or looking scary you can go for an aesthetic physique.

Your body is your canvas and working out is your brush so paint yourself a masterpiece.

 If you want to look like a teenage mutant ninja turtle then good, if you prefer looking like Adonis also better, you can do whatever you want this is the beauty of bodybuilding.



Your fitness goals can be achieved through but not limited to exercises like..

 (depending on your level of fitness) 

  • Walking
  • Going for a jog
  • Bodyweight exercise 
  • Home work out
  • Yoga
  • A reasonable diet

1-2 days of exercise per week


Your goals can be achieved be through..

  • Burning passion
  • Patience and dedication
  • Resistance training
  • Supplements and a good diet
  • 4-6 days of exercise per week
  • Mind muscle connection

Time range


Let’s say you start tomorrow and you do some form of exercise every day depending on your body type in a few weeks you will start seeing changes in your body composition.  You will notice a gentle upward growth in your fitness levels.


This takes months and years of dedication, hard work, and impeccable dieting.

Bodybuilding is a lifestyle.



  • Increased utilization of oxygen by your cells
  • increased  blood flow to your brain resulting in better mental function
  • Improved self-esteem and self-image
  • Good quality of sleep
  • Better muscle function( endurance and strength)
  • Improved  quality of life


The same benefits as fitness  with a few extra

  • Godlike physique
  • Joining an elite league of men and women

Conclusively every one’s goal should be fitness (once you have achieved a certain level) you may progress to bodybuilding or just keep maintaining your fitness level.
let us know what team you are on #fitness vs bodybuilding.

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