debunking BMI

Bmi is an abbreviation of body mass index and it is largely used in modern times as a means of gauging the weight range I.e. (Underweight, normal, overweight, and obese) of an individual with reasonable precision.

Its formula is your body weight (kg)/height (m2) square.

A high Bmi is linked with high body fatness usually.

Now as a 14-year-old named Tessa wrote: it is a flawed and outdated system, here is why.

It is used as a means of measuring the amount of adipose tissue present in the body; an indication of body fatness.

Case Study 1 (Muscular difference)

John Cena’s Bmi is 33kg/m2 scary right? Yet he’s not at risk of the various health conditions that come with being obese, any guess why?

Muscle weighs more than fat and is more compact, meaning you can have more muscle mass and look slimmer but weigh more.

The muscle mass is what makes his Bmi Ludicrous.

Essentially with athletes, body-builders, or gym rats the higher your muscle mass the higher your Bmi.

Bmi checks for the general bodyweight without consideration for the different components of your body.

It has no way of separating musle from fat.

Remember this the next time you let your Bmi weigh you down.

Case study 2 (Gender difference)

A teenage girl and boy both weigh 50kg and are the same height that would mean they have the same Bmi, females typically store more fat than males and that means her 50kg would be more fat and less muscle when compared to the male, except she’s Amanda Nuez.

Case study 3(Age difference)

A 70 years old war veteran with scars and stories to match has a Bmi of 22kg/m2, which is the same as a 21-year-old first-generation soldier but with age comes the loss of muscle and this is replaced with fat deposit. His body fatness is a lot higher than that of the 21-year-old.

Bmi takes no consideration for the changes that come with aging.

You could be within the normal weight range but have a beer gut Santa would be proud of and still be at risk of various cardiovascular diseases because abdominal fat is bad!!! Get rid of it.

Now let’s be frank, you’re no John Cena, neither are you a teenager and you are Definitely not a retired ww1 war veteran so watch your Bmi because it’s the best noninvasive and easily done fat indication technique we have.

Happy holidays.