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Cats and dogs(catto vs doggo) have slowly warmed their ways into our homes and hearts, the debate for the superior pet has raged on for generations with both sides boasting of some dedicated fanatics who go tooth and claw at each other, if you’re not familiar with the doggolingo you need to learn so you’d understand our doggos and cattos better, here are five arguments to consider. 


You just moved into your own apartment and like most millennia’s you can’t find human love so you go for the next best(some might even say superior )thing, the curious Catto or the devoted Doggo, first thing you need to consider are the house rules if you’ve got that covered then look at your space (room).

Cattos don’t mind small spaces and just laying around on your TV 16 hours a day for the next 16 years. 

They are active hunters, their feed is cheaper and it costs less to purchase one.

Doggos need to roam don’t diminish this ex wolf by resisting them to confined spaces, they are born runners and the excess pent up energy in them can be overwhelming for the next 13 years if you don’t find an outlet for them, their feed is more expensive; some doggos are the prices(cost) of cars.

Cattos love their space, they are solitary animals;however, it’s advisable to get more than pupper. 

Traits(Catto vs doggo)

Cattos domesticated themselves they chose us humans to tend to their every whim, 12000 years ago the first cats saw us as a source of free food since wherever humans went rats followed, not much has changed since then, they are still very much purrfect p.s they are dead smart, clean and quite picky.

Cattos love the wildlife, they hunt for most of their food, they decide when they want your attention you could live your life knowing you exist to please your furry roommate and they reward you by purring or letting you hold them for a while.

They can also be thought tricks and trained, studies show that they understand hooman words and command but just choose to ignore them. 

Doggos on the other hand are partially self-domesticated, yes they got closer to hoomans, but hoomans decided to pay God and bred them for specific purposes (hunting, tracking, guarding, etc.) hence the reason for diverse breeds.

They also learn tricks quickly, can be non-aggressive towards strangers and other pets if properly trained.

They love you unconditionally, they are man’s best friend with good reason, some say the reason why they love so selflessly is that we bred the smartness out of them but that’s just an argument cattos would make.

Cattos are like human teenagers going through their phase while doggos are more like incessant children.


Now I know you are thinking what can they(catto vs doggo) give you apart from the joy of waking up to them every day and the random face licking.

Cattos are expert hunters, they get rid of those cheese-boys (rats) and keep your home pest-free.

They purr which is therapeutic and they lay on your couch, look cute and brighten up your day. 

Doggos are a bit more diverse, do you need of protection, company, baby sitters? Etc. doggos resume speaks for itself,they are also good boys.


We all want someone who would stick with us through thick and thin, in-case you do hit your lows and end up homeless.

Well with a doggo chances are that they would stay with you, cattos might stick around but generally they could get a new servant (owner) in a jiffy so keep this in mind.

The word loyalty was designed for doggos, this isn’t an absolute statement some security doggos would watch you get kidnapped and some cattos might go saber-tooth crazy if you touch their hooman.


Whether you are on team catto or team doggo, our furry friends are pawfect and we get along with some better than others so just go with one that suits your nature or break the system and get both! 

Some hoomans are cat-people: they are introverts who like their own space.

Other hoomans are dog-people: they are fuzz balls with bolts of electricity and love interaction.

You might not be on either team perhaps you are a snek lady or you love trash pandas or you love strange cute and cuddly animals, click here for a list of exotic pets to check out. Bork (that’s goodbye in doggolingo)

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