Bauchi-untold 2

I never sat to think of what I was getting myself into until two days before I got to see my posting, I decided that I was not going again, which caused some chaos at home from the type of home I come from, you can’t just decide to skip service, so I reluctantly prepared for camp and boom, I saw my posting, Bauchi State!!!

Then I became very serious with my decision, everyone was literally on me, I dropped tears, no one was understanding me, all they asked was why not. Still, in my distress, they insisted I must go! And I did go! 

The issue here was I needed to think for myself, to have a plan first before going anywhere and I might have picked Bauchi State deliberately, but it became weird to me at that point because it was in that state my childhood began.

The Journey to Bauchi

Trying to find my way Somewhere in the east I came across someone, Well dressed, good English, very polished, oh, I forgot, also a Thief I did not know this at first, he asked for my phone which I generously gave to him, he was appreciative and asked me few questions and in a twinkle of an eye I looked back and he was gone!

I ran to the nearest A.T.M immediately, because my instincts told me that was his next move, trying to beat him to it, I had someone else’s account affiliated to the number, but I was too late  he got away insufficient balance! Ok, I was then so sure, this camp is so not for me.

Thoughts of turning back flooded my mind, but my family insisted and as a finished person I had to obey those that could help me. I continued, got a small phone in between, the journey was not nice, at a point in Nasarawa, my bag was stolen by some hooligans over some ruckus with the bus driver.

Then for security reasons, I had to sleep at Jos with some relatives, for the first time in days, I felt grateful for once, I dropped everything I had with them I felt it made more sense.

The first thing the next morning, I left for Bauchi state and the moment I got there, all the memories hit me hard, this had been my home for 10years.

First thing I did was to buy Massa! My favorite food growing up taking a bite brought tears to my eye and memories of my childhood, oh how I have missed this.

Arrival (bauchi untold)

I guess you could imagine all the ideas in my head while entering the camp “avoid people” Stay on your own, no friends you couldn’t blame me for thinking this way, had a couple of rough days.

Hurried to retrieve my line, I did not want to enter the camp without it because my birthday was coming up, at least, let me feel little love! Oh, shit, the thief borrowed airtime worth more than 3k with my sim card I discovered this in camp, Lol I hated the world.

 I just didn’t want to talk to anyone, get the shit out of wailo and live my life alone! Sadly, friends I was expecting to reach out to me didn’t call Oh, such bad friends I thought, I went for my kit, no smile, all frowns.

I saw this very beautiful lady smiling, now in my head I said “she is just smiling around, why, mtchew” next she walked up to me, then she said, “Wow, you are in my platoon” with her face brimming with excitement, wow, “my school too”, unizik. Finally, I dropped a smile in days.

We talked about common places and people we knew, I hoped that would be my last conversation


But it didn’t go that way, through her I met the Queen from the West and I almost got myself back into life, I hated it, such nice souls I did not want to hang out with them or meet the others but one day, I just needed to get tipsy and clear my head a little bit.

So I stepped out of my rule zone then this tall guy walked in (6’7), all I saw was a guy filled with skills, first impression, then wild card, I thought, oh weirdo, this guy smart looking guy with an eye aid which made him look serious (the Kano guy), and then this highly logical guy, the writer, then the partially free-spirited guy who turned to be an artist.

Their energy was everything I resisted but the Shalom in me needed me to talk I made my first statement In between their conversation on relocation, “don’t stay in Bauchi” that was supposed to be my inner thought but it came out loud😅. Boom, I was out again.

Oh, I shouldn’t skip this part, the serious-looking guy with the glasses walked up to me In my head now I am thinking so not doing this but, He was really nice and we had fun talking, do you have this friend that makes you feel extra special? I guess that describes us.

Also, that day was his birthday, three days to mine, I tried fighting the fact that I was having a good time with everyone,  along the line I met others especially this Super talented developer and the Jo’ lady who seemed very nice when we talked.

My Best worst birthday

Then came a day to my birthday, my little phone crashed that night.  Maybe nature took my matter very personal but I put my sunshades to hide my crying throughout that day, no one knew I was crying I replied every greeting with a smile.

 I needed to figure why things kept going wrong, my bunkmate walked up to me a few hours later, and she’s like, use my phone for today Oh, such a Gold! I reluctantly got my sim inside then came all the messages, calls and everything I walked back to my friends, and we had fun together.

They made sure to give me a last-minute birthday we had to hurry our partying and all because it was lights out and we didn’t want to frog jump back to our hostels.

This writer, that day who kept on asking me why I can’t face my fears, then the wild card who saw me at every spot and said happy birthday, of course, The Kano guy who still made me smile, and the content developer who made my platoon sing for me a birthday song my girls and everyone!!


Too much story right… Obviously, they called off the camp, oh bingo, I was happy, but come to think of it, how short life is and how I should struggle to make everyone around me smile in any way.

This was a very important one week of my life, where I met amazing people trust me people go through their shit after all and they still wear a smile and try to be there for others.

The fair lady might have had her problems but she made me strong, she is strong, the queen always wanted everyone to be happy, and the others whose path I crossed I realized, we always complain of people being bad friends to us, but you could be like that too, (a bad friend), you know so let’s just embrace the positivity we see in others tightly, because, trust me, you might not find such again I saw the good, the bad, and the ugly side of people but I rather focus on the good.

Draw strength from everyone’s smile and happiness, I learned that.

 I discovered we can actually bring out the best moment in life even in the shortest time! Stones might be thrown, but treasures are thrown anyway and you have to OPEN YOUR HEART to find them. You guys are the best!

Ex fit-fam