8 superpowered animals in our ocean

Superpowers are myths, human imagination and wishful thinking right? Wrong! While to us humans this seems like a tall tale, and something Stan Lee whips out from his giant brain, it is in fact pretty common in nature. 

Join us as we unveil 8 super-powered animals that live in our Oceans.

its no surprise your favorite superheroes have  animal prefix or suffix attached to their names or an animal persona e.g wildcat, batman, ant man etc.

In no particular order we give you 8 super-powered animals that live in our ocean

Immortal jellyfish

jelly fish

(Turritopsis dohrnii) –immortality

This unique jellyfish has discovered Lazarus pit thereby making it forever immortal. Envisage yourself growing to a good old age fulfilling your dreams, having your grandkids sitting round you as you succumb to the inevitability of death and…boom! You become a kid again right there and there. Crazy, right?

Well, this is what this jellyfish does after reaching maturity and it dies, it can revert to its sexually immature stage and start its cycle again


 (Asteroidea)–regenerative abilities 

In case you ever wondered why Patrick starfish doesn’t die even after the untold damage he suffers, this is because starfish are able to regenerate parts of their self that are lost due to their abundance of stem cells.

Picture the application of this  superpower, war victims could be given new opportunity at life envision a world like that!! 


(Octopus vulgaris) – elasticity

Forget Reed Richards from fantastic four, octopi have been recorded to go through holes 20% of their size most importantly due to them not having bones,Yes let that sink in FAM! It is extremely flexible due to the fact that it is a mollusk. 

We would let you presume what kind of cool party tricks you can do with this. don’t believe us? watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3N0i_KM8cI


 (Sepiida) –color change/morphing

Cuttlefish are also similar to the octopus and are masters of disguise, their mimicry is also an amazing feature, cuttlefish can change colors  owning to the fact that it has chromophores, 

It could also morph their body shapes. Some male Cuttlefish have been known to mimic the appearance of females. You would be basically mystic blue from x-men, what would you do first?

Deep sea Angler fish


Odds are you have seen this creepy fish with an inbuilt light bulb “which is in fact the result of a symbiotic relationship with a bacteria if only your friends would do the same for you and help you shine” somewhere from a documentary.

This creeper has an outgrowth from its head that lights up in the cold dark depts of the ocean and it uses this flashlight “air quote” to lure prey to its self, as it turns out its never a good idea to go towards the light if you are a fish or an insect.


Beluga whale

beluga whale

 (Delphinapterus leucas)-Echolocation

Beluga whales are also known as white whales or sea canary for they are highly vocal animals. But what is remarkable about this animal  is echolocation, only a few animals are able to use this, including other whales and bats.

This superpower comes in handy when you are a mammal in the depths of the oceans where vision is impaired and sight is pointless, it can with the aid of echolocation get a feedback of neighboring object and it’s extremely accurate that it gets the distance and size of the object and navigates around them. conjure up been able to know everything in your street from the corners of your home.

Mantis shrimp

(stomatopods) –Super punch

The mantis shrimp is the One punch man of the animal kingdom, with records of them been able to punch faster than a 22 caliber bullet, its arm are recoiled meaning it can deliver several devastating punches.

 Cool fact, it is also called thumb splitter. We would let you guess why, I think someone already has this power -The bronze bomber Deontay wilder

Mariana snail fish

(Pseudoliparis swirei)-Deepest diver

This is the deepest diver known to man, it is named after the Mariana trench for obvious reasons—it lives there, and to be able to survive that immense pressure is jaw dropping. Moreover, it not only survives but it thrives. The Mariana is the deepest trench in the world and scientist are still trying to figure out its depts. While this fish literally swims its floors.

this brings us to the end of 8 super-powered animals in the oceans.

superpowered fish

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