If you are reading this post and you are tired of being a couch Potato, you want to be moderately active (lifestyle) or regain the motivation for fitness you once had this post is for you.

Like most things in life, humans rush into it, make mistakes then learn from it, and keep letting experience be our best teacher, exercise is no different. When was the last time you read a manual for anything?

In this post, you will know the mistakes to avoid, or you are already making in your fitness journey.

Be realistic with your fitness goals

You know that flush when you try something new “initial gra gra” yes that! Stop it! don’t be too hyper while making your plans.

If you can start by working out once a week please do. In our bid to be like Arnold we make very unrealistic plans like saying you will work out every day and night for the next month because you caught glimpse of your dad bod in a car mirror.

Set your goals and ask yourself is it achievable?  You know yourself best, if you want to lose 15kg of body fat in 2 weeks, then you best wake up from your daydream.

You should also have benchmarks like the way parents mark their kid’s height, create short term (achievable) goals, e.g. I’ll like to increase my maximum reps by 4, or I’ll like to run 1 extra lap.

Brick by brick build that iron body, remember that fitness is a journey and no one starts a marathon sprinting.

Have a work out program

Now that you have set your goals let’s say you are a 98 kg human male and your goal is to drop your weight by 18kg in 3 months, you are not going to achieve this by unstructured exercise, you need to have a program to guide you.

Hypothetically it’s best to incorporate more of cardio, occasional strength or resistance training, and a bit of calisthenics into your routine for different days.

Do not be one of those humans that go into the gym and lift 7 rep of every equipment in there and think they just maxed out, be strict with your work out programs, if its strength training day and you choose to work on legs, work those legs till you wobble.

Make changes in your diet

Some argue that your diet is the most important factor in bodybuilding, and they are probably right, “you are what you eat, eat for the body you want” yes these are all motivational quotes from Ig but they hit hard.

Beneath the exercise pyramid, there is balance diet on top of that is exercise, you need all the macro and micronutrients, eat well! And fuel properly before each workout.

Depending on your goal adjust your diet if you are trying too lose weight reduce carbs take fruits if you want to build lean muscle eat more protein and stay hydrated.

At the pinnacle of this pyramid is supplement and as you know a pyramid is strongest at its base and weakest at its apex.

Dietary supplements (protein powder, caffeine) is to give you that added edged in your work out, and your work out should not be based on it, it is to supplement your diet, sir! Not replace it.

Get a fitness trainer

There are days where you don’t want to carry on, you are tired, exhausted, sore, or just plain lazy, if you are on the journey alone there is a good chance that you will quit but, if you have a trainer or work out buddy they could motivate you. don’t believe me? read Ecclesiastes 4v10

While working in groups you can push yourself more and seeing your gym crush will give you that jolt to keep pushing, besides you need someone to spot you before you do something you will regret

They will also help you watch your diet, remind you of your goals, and keep you on your toes.

If you can’t get a trainer, join a group or get a work out buddy it helps you push harder and better and healthy rivalry is always welcome, nothing says Arnold like been stronger than your trainer.

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Drop your ego at the door

Regardless of your position outside the doors of the gym, in there you are a yellow-bellied lizard so do what you are told.

Ask questions, don’t ego lift! If you have a dispute with a mate it shall be settled on the barbell.

Bonus: know your body type.

Now you have an idea of what to know, click here to know why I exercise.