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In our journey towards fitness, some of us; take a detour, and later get back on track; rest for a while, and then continue; proceed with Arnold’s motivation; some simply tuck tail, and turn the other way. Why do some people reach their goals faster? And others make Slowpoke Rodriguez seem like a speed star.Why some never reach their goals after numerous skipped dinners and sleep cut morning? by the end of the post you will have a comprehensive knowledge of why you’re not losing weight or seeing results.


The first on our list, and probably the prevalent reason is inconsistency: this has been the bane of our fitness goal for so long, I mean “why can’t I just work-out for a few days, and get what I want, why do I have to keep exercising?” Are these your thoughts too? The answer is simple, it’s the same as eating, eating one meal doesn’t fill your belly for a lifetime.

Why expect your one-time banal exercise routines to do the same, you need consistency for whatever goals you set, do you want to loose weight? Do you want to bulk up, shred etc. You need to do your time and then some….

Bad Dieting

You’ve probably heard the phrase “you are what you eat,” if shedding excess weight is your goal, then drop that Cola and pick up a Banana, to lose weight you need to create a calorie deficit: meaning you have to be losing more than you’re gaining in calories.

While exercise does increase your basal metabolic rate and helps you burn fat faster, you can’t lose 200kcal from jogging then reward yourself with a 1000kcal cake dipped in vanilla ice cream and coated with chocolate and expect to see changes.

Dieting is also key in bulking up, but sadly dieting is the hardest part, it is not a crime to have a cheat meal, you only just failed Arnold, don’t let one cheat meal turn into a lifestyle of continuous cheats.

Not Having Rest days

Even the Creator rested, the only time your body has to heal are your rest days I understand that you’re a 250kg benching titan but you need to give yourself rest days.

The effects of exercise becomes deleterious if you don’t have rest days, your sore muscles have no time to recover, you have no time to miss the gym and plan your next work out, and you become like a zombie giving very little output day after day till the inevitable breakdown of your body, so next time you hear the gym call you like the ocean calls Moana, resist, rest, heal, and go back stronger.

Low Intensity

The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen, with this being said you need to give it your 100% determination, don’t talk for 1hr, take pictures for 30 mins, and then do a half sit-up and a push-up and say “wow that was intense,“  going to the gym doesn’t make you lose weight, actually working your ass off makes you lose weight.

Your drive to push yourself a little further every time(progressive overload) this is what helps you achieve your dreams, the next time you want to go home after exercising just your voice box remember why you started, and the advantage is that your body adjusts to the intensity and you see yourself grow but watch your limit don’t overkill, know when to stop!

lack of Patience

All good things come to those who weight(wait) if you been a spec, ticked all the above boxes, then the only thing that is left is to be patient, perhaps you’re a slow metabolizer, an Endomorph or simply just needs more time till your done cocooning.

Keep your head down and continue grinding, it took you 20 years to sprout that impressively flamboyant dad/mom bod, why expect to lose it in a week, go easy on yourself you beautiful caterpillar no one is counting the days for you, in time you’d blossom.

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