5 reasons why we hate

Hate is a strong word and an even stronger emotion, it is simply “an intense dislike towards something,” have you ever read a callous comment from an internet troll and felt your stomach turn with disgust, and dare I say hate towards the Sender?

We hope to shed more light on the socially frowned upon topic in (5 reasons why we hate).

Hate is part of human emotion meaning everyone is capable of Hate as well as Love. 

Growing up we learned that to be socially acceptable we have to repress this strange emotion not understanding it till it builds up from the inside like a bad case of diarrhea.

Various researches have been carried out on reasons why we hate, here are 5 summarized/relevant reasons

We hate because of our insecurities

How can you Love someone if you don’t Love yourself?

 Now reverse Uno that statement. 

People criticize others for traits or features they Despise in themselves.

 Also, for traits or features they wish they had.

Hate is painful and the easiest way to feel good about yourself is to make fun or pull-down others. 

The same way an internet troll who has not left his couch for 3 days calls a Bodybuilder fat! It is ludicrous.

People use it to escape from the pain and guilt they feel.

Now other reasons includes; jealousy, envy and anger.

This is a downward slope that leads to hate, remember the first killer was moved by envy.

We hate because of our differences

Humans evolved to Fear what is different from them, this helped us stay alive, by forming an ”us against them” mentality. 

While this was relevant when we had different homo species it isn’t today.

 We are all humans, regardless of Our 

  • Height,
  • Sex
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Preference

Regardless if they put cereal before milk or not.

The fact that you don’t understand a group of people or a person doesn’t give you the  right to hate them.

Now I know you’re thinking I don’t Hate that supposedly weird girl sitting at the back of my class I just don’t like her, well it is gradual.

It builds up and multiplies like cancer, sure it starts as a relatively harmless feeling.

 Left unchecked it can Spurs and leads to violence and hate crimes.

If you think I’m overreacting remember Hitler? And how the entire country gave into his ideology. 

Before you judge, dislike, or ignore someone understand them first. 

We mostly hate people for who they are rather than what they have done.

To form social bonds

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend” this statement is extremely flawed.

While it is true that you can get people to bond faster by making them talk about a common dislike they share.

Bonds formed on the basics of mutual dislike for another person or group doesn’t last, you are going turn on each other.

You can create a group for anything now, provided you give people an enemy or a scapegoat.

We hate because we are told so

Hate can also be inherited, your grandmother told you with her dying words “End the culu tribe”

Without even thinking you have carried on her propaganda  you also pass it to your kids and so the cycle continues.

Generations later, your descendants don’t even know why they hate each other.

All they know are the Boogeyman like tales they have heard about the opposite tribe.

When someone offends us we don’t see them as an individual anymore but as a group as a representation of something.

i.e. a man breaks your heart you start trending #all men are scum, a police officer harasses you move to #police is scum, and you pass your message of hate to as many disciples as you have and the trend continues.

 Don’t get me wrong these are terrible crimes but a human did this, don’t pass the hate to a group.

They hurt us

Everyone has one genuine reason for hating someone, 

  • perhaps they hurt you
  • made you feel weak
  • made you cry

And all you want to do is just retain a small percentage of hate for this person, which is well deserved, they don’t deserve your forgiveness, you’d go Khaleesi on them and feed them with violence that would make Armageddon look like Child’s play.

Do you want revenge? Do you want payback? but it won’t stop there if I’ve learned anything from watching Movies and Animes is that the cycle will continue.

A child will see you hurt his father and swear vengeance.

it would just keep going like an infinity loop, and no one would care who is right or wrong after a while…

Why not just let it go, they don’t deserve the letting go but you deserve peace, quell the Insatiable Sheol that is hate!

It is also important to know that some individuals hate because they are sick (psychological disorders); psychopaths and sociopaths.

[Hate is different from anger, anger is a passing feeling triggered by a response to action(it is temporary) whereas hate is a state of mind i.e. you can be cross with your best friend but you don’t hate them.

In summary, there are more unclassified reasons why people hate

One is because of what they hear others say i.e. (spontaneous trait transference) this is transferring the traits someone describes in others back to them I.e.

 I see someone talking trash about my Goat (Ronaldo) and I instantly think “what kind of shallow-minded caveman is this,” Get the point?

To avoid someone thinking you are dumb and inadvertently hating you, just avoid saying insensitive things.

Some would say I don’t hate them, I’m just indifferent, 

don’t forget there’s never a void or space if it’s not filled with love it would be filled with hate.


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