mother nature

Survival, this is the sole goal of animals, and mother nature: she tests their will to live, we are looking at 5 extreme places and the animals that live there. 

As Jerry butler Sang “only the strong survive,” without the equipment and tools of man.

Animals must survive the harsh test that is nature, don’t gasp they are equipped with the skills, tricks, and cunny to survive.

Namib Desert and dancing lizard

The Namib Desert has less than 10mm of rain annually.

it’s freezing at the night and day time reaches a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius .

Which is well over the physiological temperature range of humans.

Now the Namib Desert is home to several animals and plants.

These animals and plants are well adapted to life here and the perfect example is the shovel snouted lizard (dancing lizard).

This reptile has to dance to stay alive.

 I am pretty sure I am a goner if I ever need to do that, the dancing lizard does a little thermal dance. 

The surface of the desert can grill the poor lizard if its stays on a spot too long.

It’s cold-blooded, so it lifts two alternating limbs at intervals to keep them from overheating.

Antarctica and cuddling penguins

extreme places and animals that live there

From extreme heat to cold, mother nature does not re-lent.

Antarctica is as cold as your ex’s heart it reaches temperature of-10 degree Celsius.

A naked human will freeze in minutes.

To stay alive you have to be suited for survival.

Most animals here are furry and or possess a thick layer of blubber to serve as an insulator: to prevent heat loss.

Skipper, Kowalski, Ricco, and Private survive with their kin by forming a giant cuddly ball of cuteness and keep the chicks at the center to keep them warm with their body heat.

Mountains of North America and Goats

mountain goat

According to they are to known to reach heights of 130000fts, which is no small feat for a large mammal.

The mountains are steep, cold, and low in oxygen pressure.

These Goats have

  • modified hooves for the terrain
  • thick fur for the cold
  • they can utilize oxygen .

Caves and blind bat

Caves hold wonders, guano, secretes and batman.

Some caves have their climates and can be as big as 300meters.

These different terrain and condition breed specialized animals called Troglobite, which are unique to caves because they can’t survive outside.

In caves, there is little need for sight and the bat is perfectly suited, through sonar location bats navigate their ways through caves.

Bats (etroglophiles) do go out of the caves so they don’t qualify as true cave animals.

The natives of caves are truly adapted for this bizarre place.

Ocean floor and flatfish

The ocean is extreme enough as it is, think of the sharks and undrinkable saltwater, now add the weight of the ocean to it and you have the ocean floor.

Humans would have their lungs crushed if we dared go this far.

The flatfish is equipped with the skillset to make it it’s home,

  • with eyes on both side as its head
  • mouth on opposite sides 
  • practically as flat as earth(flat earth joke)

Flatfish are not born flat they undergo this physiological change as they move from shallow waters to the ocean floor during their juvenile stages.

This brings us to the end of 5 extreme places and animals that live there.

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